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Ghost Video

August 16, 2007

This footage is given to me by ALicia HYCheong,
Just something to share as we are in the Ghost Month now.


Look at the Car

August 16, 2007

Got myself FOOLED….

Poser Security Guard

January 31, 2007

Drug Addict Gets Fooled By Technology

January 29, 2007
I personally think that this technology shall be implemented in the night spot in Malaysia…Perhaps it can cut down the dependency of the local people towards this devastating drugs… It is also the time to tell the youngsters to stop wasting their papa and mama money….

No Pork No Pork…

January 25, 2007

Seatbelt on Please…

January 19, 2007

This is an horrible scene on how this driver is being smashed when accident meets him
He is then being sent to God

Stupid Police.. BIG TIME SOHAI…..

January 19, 2007

I am here wondering how the ” Scene Below could take place. With amount of summon being issued which cost the truck driver 175 dollar, they are making enough just by selling the parts belongs to the police vehicle.. Good attempt and i Hope this is true..

Just to show how stupid the arm forces sometimes are….

Sony Vaio Contestants.. Vote for them

January 18, 2007

Below are some post of some most fantastic videos ever produces by our Local Malaysian. One of it were submitted by a friend of my friend, which is Emily in Penang.. It is a good laughing stock for people with fantastic PR not for those that are ill behaved.

There fore, i would like to take the opportunity to post some of the videos for viewing purposes.

The Snatcher

Anything for Vaio

Attention is not always a good thing to get

Malaysia BrokeBack Mountain

The Champion of all

So vote for the videos and you may end up winning some goodies…

Another STUPID fella..

January 18, 2007

Western version of “who wants to be a millionaire”
Got KO over the first question…
I was wondering whether he do know what to use when to have an intercourse. Perhaps Plastic bag will be his choice.

There are people out there tryinng to be STUPID

January 18, 2007

Being Angry Therefore telling people you are a GOdzilla ( No body wants you )
Being Stupid in PR
Being Stupid over comments.. In this case, you dunno that you are being stupid..
Something like the TVB series.. War of In laws. Funny But Stupid Show..

Not to forget,
Being stupid on TV..

Where ever is it, Being stupid is all the same.. when ever is it.. Universal Stupidity Syndrome