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To those fortunate.

October 13, 2007

Hitting by a lorry 5 tons in weight definitely cause damage to the whole car. And yet here, there are only some minor damage as fortunately it hits the hard part of the car which is the car wheel base.

Some one who had just misunderstood that i am stabbing behind her back is also involved in the accident. Well i dunno if it is good for her but redefined her character to me, which means i knw who the hell and how and what kinda people is she. Well thanks to the situation also. Now i will have a list which is she on the top of the list that things and person that you can actually DON GIVE A DAMN TO. Have to congratulate her as it’s kinda hard for me to enlist someone on it even to my ex-gf who broke my heart and yet she is still nt listed as one.

TOTAL BITCH gets her place in the list..

The other 3 escaped with some minor injuries and i would conclude saying that they are all fine. Just be more careful in the future. The accident gave me some inspiration to present on something similar to it soon. Below are some of the photo taken from a camera phone of a gal named YING..





Miss Yamuna Farewell

September 26, 2007

We had a lunch reception for Miss Yamuna and below are some photos on the farewell. I took a number of photos and these are those which i think related to this post.





Miss Yamuna Last day

September 24, 2007

Today is Miss Yamuna last day, which marked the end of her service in AIMST University. She has been here since i joined AIMST in 2005. I still remember, when i first met her, i was introduced by Dr Khong Y.L who happens to be my mentor back in my year one. He however left us in Year 2006 joining Wawasan Open University. He is now an executive in First Solar, the same company where Miss Yamuna is going to..

Talking about her, in year 1 she is very helpful especially during Physics and Chemistry Lab. When comes to year 2, we have this Materials Analysis Technique lab where I am running a sample using AAS, i make a sample to be contaminated which in the end make me to extend my lab hours and when i realized that, it was already 5.20pm and here Miss Yamuna offered to stay extra hours and I was feeling grateful for that.. That was the most memorable event as the same day, i dropped my rice packet and making me to starve a little for that night. And also, that was the time where people who I thought are friends give me a tight slap on me. And I am practically alone and i dare not to trust anyone just like that. So what happened on April – August 2007 semester had a deep impression in me.

When she told me that she is leaving for Industries early this month, I thought that she was joking with me. I once misunderstood that she is leaving and when she insists that she weren’t joking,I start to see that I or we are losing a good Scientific Officer that could guide us for our Final Year Project. Just deep inside, I hope that she found her way out there and if time permits, we will have a farewell just for you miss.. I enjoy the Ups and Downs being with her..

Old Campus

September 18, 2007
First day of lecture, we already been given assignments. And we were told that we are only going to stay back in Amanjaya campus where inhibited the department as well as the faculty previously.

Frankly, i am not so into moving into the new campus. What for. But life we have to improve, therefore, only way to make it realized is to move forward. There are ups and downs in this campus. Things starts and ends here. Well in the end, i know this is for good. And i am happy with the outcome.

Some of the picture shot in the last semester.

Class room.. Seminar Room 7

Lecture Screen

LCD Projector

Moving to the new campus will increase the burden to those who stays not within the vicinity. A round trip is almost 20 km. Like staying in Taman Megah PJ, and attending Monash University.

Petrol money will increase by double who have their own transportation . For those who doesn’t have their own trans portation, it will be a lil less headache as they escape maintaining the vehicle. Well Semeling is not that for… Those who needs a lift i will definitely offer only when they ask.. tho it is good to be alone, there is no reason for not helping those in need.

Kotaraya Mural

September 14, 2007

Alor Star Trip

September 6, 2007
Alor Star, is the capital city of the state of Kedah darulaman. This place looks new to me and there is nothing wrong or against anyone will that could make me to come and have a look here. It looks developed or better developed residentially rather than commercially. I see more houses along the mainroad which reminds me of Jalan Gopeng which is now known as Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, in Ipoh. Perhaps I did not went and explore deeper inside and who knows that there may be more things to see.

Merdeka Mood…

I finally remember to take some picture of this place when I stop at Pekan Rabu, the place where i once heard that they had something like a Wednesday market. Well, not to sure as i read all these in books.

This also brings me to Jitra which is my first stop before i went to Alor Star. To get to Alor Star you will have to take a bus from Jitra Bus stop to Shahab Perdana, A bus terminal in Alor Star, just like Medah Gopeng in Ipoh, or Jalan Duta or Puduraya in KL. My coming to this place make a sense when i bump into one of my friend from my hometown which studies in KUKUM and currently in her final year pursuing a degree is Manufacturing Engineering.

When i travel north, i can actually feel the kampung’ atmosphere maybe because there are more malay that other races. The food there are cheap. Super cheap. Teh tarik for 60 cents is already extinct elsewhere but you can still get it here. Of course, you will see all the same look as certain ethnics only are present in the place.

KL Trip..

September 5, 2007
The last time I been to KL is about half a year ago. So by having KL as my stop this time, means i won be going to Jacky Cheung Concert. Well there is something more important to do than going for the concert. KL hasnt changed much. The building and the road are the same. development has perhaps become stagnant here, in this area, the Golden Triangle.

Some say KL has a nice view at night. Being captured using camera is not the same as seeing with naked eye. With the neon light and the Merdeka” atmosphere, Kuala Lumpur seems to be very lively. On my way to Pudu, I manage to capture some pictures using my camera phone the T 630, which is a lauya one and after some enhancement, this is what i have yielded.

Petaling Street.. Heaven of Pirated Goods..

Kotaraya Mural..

Puduraya Traffic at night

Jalur Gemilang that Blankets the Puduraya Carpark

Some of the place brings back the old times memories. Something that has a definite sentiments in some people. Thinking back, I felt quite silly as part of being thrifty, I limit myself from traveling and this makes see less interesting things. Money is not everything but it is something we need to survive.

Perhaps I am tired of being in the northern region especially in Ipoh, Taiping and Penang, my coming to KL make a sense. A change of environment is a good especially when i am so desperate for a turnover in my current life. Things are getting pretty screw up at times. What had happened does not matter anymore for me. Getting it right will just make the things to get worst. What is important now, I know that I am doing the right thing. Right things always serve right.

Even so, there are still skeptical mindset that cant be changed. People’s thinking and their interpretation cant be governed and this what leads to stupid unnecessary misunderstanding. Somethings that tends to be private cant be questioned and some blog tends to have a patient reader to digest the content. A private space like this is not a local daily where you have to understand what I wrote. Only childish thinking bloggers cum readers does that. Correct me.

**Some more picture after i get down from train.

Pasar Seni LRT… Place where i use to come when i Ponteng…

Maybank building..
The have this special light projection in conjuction with the
Malaysia 50 years of Independence

The railway station

Central Post Office

Kemayan,Pahang Trip

September 3, 2007
This break i went to visit my dad at his working place. I is better to go back rather than not going back at all. Well family comes first and even though it is just for a few days, it is alright. Well we sibling went and visit him as he is alone there after my mom’s passing. I manage to grab the newly bought camera and thanks to Samm for recommending the right camera for me.

Below are some pictures of the place where my dad is currently stationed and it has a pretty good environment for a prefect getaway. I hope that my dad will not retire so early as even though retiring is good but a man that is not occupied with a job or at least something to do tends to gets older easier.

This is the right place for those who search for a live away from the city as this is really very very far from the city and you can see only trees around here.

***Some picture to support my post is not a bullshit one..

The house..

Coconut trees behind my house

Guava trees


School’s Hostels

Fake RM0.50 Detected as a Token

August 10, 2007
This is something I got from E mail. No inspiration today. Too stress de.. haha



I would like to share with your readers about an incident today when I pay for my parking fee in Klang.After I have parked my car, I walked to the self-service car park machine to pay for an hour’s parking fee (50 sen in Klang, 60 sen in Petaling Jaya and

40 sen in Shah Alam for an hour). Everything seemed to be fine. The machine printed out a parking coupon and after displaying the coupon at the vehicle’s dashboard, I went to perform my errands nearby.

When I was walking back towards my car, I saw a uniformed officer from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) looking around at my car. He then acted as if he is going to issue a summon to my car. I ran towards him and asked him if everything is OK. I told him that I have paid for my parking and he can see the coupon clearly on the dashboard.

To my shock, the MPK officer said that he planned to issue a summon to me because the 50 sen coin that I had used to pay for the parking fee was a fake coin. The officer mentioned that if a person used a fake coin to pay for the parking fee, it means that no parking fee has been paid.

The MPK officer also showed to me how to read the parking coupon and spot if the coins used are fake or not (see the attached graphics -“TOKEN” means that the coins used are fake). Luckily, the officer understood my situation and decided not to issue any summon to me.

Having said that, I would like to share this experience and knowledge with your readers so that the unsuspected citizens can give special attention when paying for their parking fee at the self-service machines to avoid being innocently penalised.

Thank you.

Learning Hokkien

July 23, 2007
P/S : Courtesy from Xan..