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U read and U comment..

October 11, 2007

Management class is the time where i give my fullest and the deepest thought as it related to the environment and not the text alone. Well pinging the piece of my mind is not wrong i guess.

Being knows as the crapper in the class and make the class to laugh in the end makes some to feel jealous and threatened. Well i think i am just being myself and there is nothing that you can change or do to make things to gets better as i don wanna be a pathetic person like what i used to be when i just broke up in february. my life is filled with colour and i respect others to respect me as i respect them as well.

what is the point throwing tantrums and making noise and try to influence others as i think those who knew me knows me well that i am like this since the first semester. i am kinda upset when i hear that you actually cried as this matters haunts you or whatsoever. I am practically ok and happy with the new semester and i do not hope that things gets ruined just because you are not happy with me.  i am leading my life and i don think i cross the border also messing up with you.

what is the point messing up with what i have now. I don have any extra that you not have. just that perhaps i may have the ability to make the class to be more lively and lecturer to “know me” as i am the one always giving him headache and sensitive question for him to answer. apart from that, i am cool.. i just did my part.

and you had an accident today. just out of concern i went to see you and what your bf said is very uncultured and uncivilized. well, you may not know when you need each other and from now on i know that caring and being concern is a loss to me. so there is no need in the future, i mean in the far future to even care for you. being 6 feet under perhaps u will not see my presence also. and there are the people which doesn’t know the real world and fails to appreciate the counter part.

well to be frank la… you make me lose face and talk bad about me in front of our classmates and you even have a meeting with them, to say that i am actually in a wrong position and ask them all to hate me. what is all these? even in the uni junction after you met with an accident i still bother to ask how you are and if i hated you for god sake i will treat you invisible.  You are so immature ok. very very much infact. i am not asking you to be grateful but if this is another person, they won bother to come and see you sick and injured face in the ward bed. I just did my part, and thou your rich bf throw such word to me, i am pretty fine with it as for me it is just another part of life that we have to face. Nothing for me to keep in my heart. there are so much of beautiful things that i still need to keep space to store it.

well you have to get adjusted to the environment and not otherwise. i am still the me.. you wanna whack and talk bad it’s up to you.. KARMA is the word for all …


Results Day

September 27, 2007

Well i finally got my result in hand today. It is just a 0.04 for me to be in the second class upper categories and i am happy with what i get so far. Coping with some emotional distortion last semester making me barely getting and having my attention on my studies. I guess the work and hard deeds finally pays off.

So I here make a wow that in this semester, the remaining 12 weeks will see me as a person who fights for all i can for marks and grades. With all these it will only make me feel more satisfied as i screwed up 2 papers which i think i shall not. Very very disappointing.

In future i guess there will be more updates on my studies other than craps.. so wish me luck out there. I wanna be a useful person not a useless one… I am aiming for the best this semester…

Comfort Zone

September 13, 2007
When things tends to get into a comfort zone, it makes people to be lazy and do not feel like moving. Happens in anything and any moment in a person’s life a comfort zone will make people to forget the need to progress and the will to succeed.

A comfort zone in work will make the efficiencies to be questioned. Do not be surprised that there will be no progress. There will be very little productivity as work done is all the same all day all month and all year. People tends to get used to it as their body is already immune to such working behavior.

Being in a comfort zone, the turnover rate in terms of employment is very small as the working satisfaction is achieved. As myself, my comfort zone only comes when things stabilizes but currently, i am in a super comfort zone as i am having my holidays. Comparing to previously, people are giving me some headache, which i were to keep it to my self or to publicized.

Karl’s blog

September 12, 2007
Karl Moore is a blogger who emerged as one of the best-selling author and entrepreneur. He posts inspirational messages in his blog, which is dedicated and designed to inspire and help individuals in their spiritual growth thus, aid the society to realize the importance of a positive living.

Karl’s blog offers a scheduled post for instance, on a Monday, there is a post of a “Random Act of Kindness”and on a Friday, he posts a “Friday Factoid.” His writing offers a dose of comfort and confidence for the individual in need.

Therefore, this blog is suggested by myself for those who are looking for some inspirational reading also as a blog for a leisure reading.

New Start OLd Perish

September 12, 2007
For every new beginning, the old one will have to be perished. It is necessary thought it may be cruel. It doesn’t matter who initiated it as sooner or later, it is something that has to be done to secure the state we are today.

When i make or decide on things, I will think on the implication the other party will have or suffers. But I am always being mistaken as a person who thinks only for myself and not thinking of others by some bitches as well as bastards. These people with their imaginative intellectuals suits to be blogger cum braggers. These are people who seeks for error and landing their entire body of theirs to blame without knowing the other 3 fingers are pointing back at them. Happy seeing people to collapse, you know who you are.

So, the conclusion is, make sure that I am alive before I allow or assist others to. My mistake was to care for others feelings too much at one time which turns to become a cancer later. Comment are critics that peppers around has to stop. Just that you never grow up still. I wonder why and yet I don give a damn…

KL Trip..

September 5, 2007
The last time I been to KL is about half a year ago. So by having KL as my stop this time, means i won be going to Jacky Cheung Concert. Well there is something more important to do than going for the concert. KL hasnt changed much. The building and the road are the same. development has perhaps become stagnant here, in this area, the Golden Triangle.

Some say KL has a nice view at night. Being captured using camera is not the same as seeing with naked eye. With the neon light and the Merdeka” atmosphere, Kuala Lumpur seems to be very lively. On my way to Pudu, I manage to capture some pictures using my camera phone the T 630, which is a lauya one and after some enhancement, this is what i have yielded.

Petaling Street.. Heaven of Pirated Goods..

Kotaraya Mural..

Puduraya Traffic at night

Jalur Gemilang that Blankets the Puduraya Carpark

Some of the place brings back the old times memories. Something that has a definite sentiments in some people. Thinking back, I felt quite silly as part of being thrifty, I limit myself from traveling and this makes see less interesting things. Money is not everything but it is something we need to survive.

Perhaps I am tired of being in the northern region especially in Ipoh, Taiping and Penang, my coming to KL make a sense. A change of environment is a good especially when i am so desperate for a turnover in my current life. Things are getting pretty screw up at times. What had happened does not matter anymore for me. Getting it right will just make the things to get worst. What is important now, I know that I am doing the right thing. Right things always serve right.

Even so, there are still skeptical mindset that cant be changed. People’s thinking and their interpretation cant be governed and this what leads to stupid unnecessary misunderstanding. Somethings that tends to be private cant be questioned and some blog tends to have a patient reader to digest the content. A private space like this is not a local daily where you have to understand what I wrote. Only childish thinking bloggers cum readers does that. Correct me.

**Some more picture after i get down from train.

Pasar Seni LRT… Place where i use to come when i Ponteng…

Maybank building..
The have this special light projection in conjuction with the
Malaysia 50 years of Independence

The railway station

Central Post Office

Walks of Life Part 4

August 27, 2007
I met him again today when I was loitering around Central Square. It was quite surprising to see him here as here is not a native here.. He came down for a business trip and i was kinda shock to him see him… I just had my meal as well as my movie, IMPAK MAXIMA, which i shall say a good one for a local production house.

Well as usual with is status as a single divorced man… We sat and talk again not for very long, just a short while. Judging from what he has and he achieve now, i really have to take him as a role model being humble low profile and low in everything except for cash. We chatted for half and hour and we each separate to our own way.

Thinking from the way i start the story, exactly this is what he told me.. Damn pathetic face, asking for people to pity. When i think of it does make sense you know. This is how you can make people have their attention on you. Ruin others life, well this make sense also. To survive. But all happened in the past and i am taking it as a lesson, informal lesson from him.. Owing a factory that processes coffee and being sold worldwide, once you reach this level there will be alot of people sticking to you. NO one is true. The same goes here. When you are having a certain facilities people tends to come to you. Once a better one came, you are no longer in their eyes anymore. This scenario happens in business as well as in life.

Listening to him make me realize never to blame myself or anyone on anything that happens around. Things do happen for a reason. Life, our future is pre destined, we like it or not we still have to go through this, most important, we learn out of this.

The stories ends here….

Walks of Life Part 3

August 24, 2007
Incidents in the Mid 20s, losing someone who s/he love. Making people to misunderstand and the worst part is. Very narrow minded. Glancing back makes the whole thing to become funny as these are actions taken by little kinda who plays sand.

When comes to 30s, just then this person know how to think and act accordingly. Perhaps winning the game all the while without feeling the guilt and the sensation, madness and down makes this person to know the feeling when there is an event where the situation eats this person up and making a deep hole in the life and it was thought that it will never be a sunshine tomorrow. In the 20s, life is very unstable and crisis happens everywhere. From the look they judge that this person has a good deed but it was otherwise.

Things started to change when he inherited a mountain of gold. Not gold exactly but a big plot of plantation lands and shares of a few multinationals corporation in the states. Now he is a pretty rich person, never in his mind that he will be in this position. Well, trusting people becomes an issue. Siblings can do wonders and give you hell as well. Other than good in talking, direction direction less motions and opinion that make the board laugh till their lungs phlegm comes out.

This is the time where I myself get to know this person in deep, detail and the life journey just started here. What he told, when he reflect his life back in his 20s, having a pathetic look to make people have the attention on him, rely on other people and yet make decision too fast make him to lose the most important person which he regards as one of the unwanted most useless person at that time. Being too sensitive as well make him lose his judgment, well this are pretty like what that used to happen to the youngsters nowadays.

Regretting now is too late. Salvaging a scoop is easier than guarding a big pail of water. Make the fact right before throwing blames which makes me to be smarter, listening to one side of the story will make judgment to be biased. Listening and getting more information from reliable sources is always more secured. Learning from him not how to make money, but human principles.

The most difficult subject in this world is not an academic subject but it is the matter of Human Management.

To be continued….

Walks of Life Part 2

August 24, 2007
After passing some of indecent events in 20s, ruin peoples life and play dirty in a clean way, make friends, make enemies,went throught a few relationship, lose what is most important in life and making other people’s life went down the drain, causing some trouble that may lead to a crime record and sentence to other people and basically do what is needed to survive.

Making and floating the head above the water is the essential and principle in life back then. I must survive and the rest must die. If not then i will die. Making other people look bad is good and this makes me look even better. I know

the rule of the game and this is my game and I am totally in control. Your balls and tits are in my hand and i am grabbing it tight. These are the principles that make this person to survive. Perhaps this is the landing and the training ground for this person to be what s/he is now today. Perhaps things are done in a more careful way.

In the mid 20s , the pathetic look had changed to become a more pathetic look. This person look very pathetic when the working life comes in to place. Stress and the level is kinda unbearable. Things that look beautiful once is so ugly and bad looking now. Those people that meant once isolates themselves. Basically all the things just turn the opposite. By the time, it is almost 30s now. It is a little late to start thinking what is suppose to come next as it is a little too late. Only self actualization and awareness is able to get this person out of this…

So what happens in 30s?

Optics is Not Fun..

August 23, 2007

When I saw the quote above, which is being posted by one of the contact I have on MSN, it make me to become more nervous as my internal marks in optics is the lowest out of all my subjects and yet it is still in the range of 30s. We are suppose to be fear of God, not even death so the decision here is to face it as it is impossible for me to leave it.

Optics, well this is a paper which I myself fear of. It is like reading a piece of blank paper where nothing seems to go in initially. After recovering from flu, I am like K.O already. Perhaps I am pushing myself too hard to study and to think during exam. At one time I can feel my nerves swell and my joints freeze, and my blood vessel thickened. And all this happens in the examination hall as well.

And the examination hall is not properly ventilated. Damn situated 20 feet below the ground, the depth of the lake near my house where my dad currently posted and we are, I mean we are fighting for the air to breath and this is added with some idiots who cant stand cold and they refused to wear or have extra cloth to cover their innocent but weak body make the air to become thinner. Those who has asthma will suffer and for myself who has this kinda history well it was hell down there.

And the result, running nose and sneezing most the time. Well don’t blame me as this is what happens. The air cond is not cold enough and it is just ngam ngam only. Even a person who farts can make the whole hall stinks. So to those who can’t stand the chill, wear extra jackets, singlet or even bra if you wanted to show to the macho men out there that you have better femininity compared to the rest of people.