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MAS and Air Asia`

August 26, 2006

MAS and Air Asia.. this this the 2 kompeni tat make our malaysian fly. the malaysian “fei kei” la. But gt “fei Kei: also no use as those who “tap fei kei” always faces delays.. even i think sometimes “Ta Fei Kei” even faster than “tap fei kei”. Dunno wat happen to hte person who manages the “fei kei” kompeni la.. and i wonder if they can manage their own fei kei or nt as own small ” fei kei: also cannot manage how to manage the BIG gigantic “Fei kei” la.

Today while eating satay… my favourite food read about the later fei kei in malaysia la in the star.. true also la as 2 fei kei wanna go up and down in the same time sure the traffic control system get congested la.. where can go up and down so fast one la.. must rest ma.. true or nt la. And this fei kei we need not to haven tongkat ali to make it stand la… but the pilot is there to hold the tongkat that can make ths fei kei come up and down la.

the tongkat that we human use is like this one…
and the tongkat that the fei kei use is this one. so gt many many difference ya.. see wat the person hold la

so since the fei kei tongkat uis being computerised… wat is there to delay la as u just need to stuff in the passenger and go,, or perhaps the ppl whon hols the tongkat need to warm up his own tongkat..and later leads to another activity that required to make the tongkat of go down… haizz complicated la..

You all think la and tell me la.. lazy to think de la
perhaps i shall try the kick of tongkat ali see my fei kei can come up or nt if nt then I sure sue the kompeni de la…
till then
chow… need to study for the damn paper…
anyone to free pls study for me …pls pls pls pls pls…

pic are taken fm sites whiich i think u all already knw so no point telling