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One fine Morning

September 29, 2007

At this one fine morning, just before i wake up I was buzzed by a sms who comes in without me asking which sounded this way…

Pls stop being childish as for leaving the gate open. Its out neighbor who tells me during the hols where you guys were home that a suspicious guy peep inside the house blah blah blah..

Hey stupid, why don you tells us in advance. If don tell how people know. Thought you are in deans list, so what.. You communication skills is worst than a toddler. They cry when they want something. We dunno what you want as you are in your little world there.

And also stop harassing me via sms.. I deserve more than that as i am a malaysia citizen as well.. Anything that i am not happy about you i am keeping myself quiet. Why cant you? I have nothing worth to be confiscated from you as you took away the most precious thing in my life. YOU KNOW WHAT. don waste your money smsing shit to me.. My mobile only received honey sweet messages + sugar based products.. Apart from that, its in my blacklist and i will delete without even reading… As i know nothing good came after all.. So get lost …


Results Day

September 27, 2007

Well i finally got my result in hand today. It is just a 0.04 for me to be in the second class upper categories and i am happy with what i get so far. Coping with some emotional distortion last semester making me barely getting and having my attention on my studies. I guess the work and hard deeds finally pays off.

So I here make a wow that in this semester, the remaining 12 weeks will see me as a person who fights for all i can for marks and grades. With all these it will only make me feel more satisfied as i screwed up 2 papers which i think i shall not. Very very disappointing.

In future i guess there will be more updates on my studies other than craps.. so wish me luck out there. I wanna be a useful person not a useless one… I am aiming for the best this semester…

Miss Yamuna Farewell

September 26, 2007

We had a lunch reception for Miss Yamuna and below are some photos on the farewell. I took a number of photos and these are those which i think related to this post.






August 17, 2007
The KOLAM by ACS Ipoh..walao. though this school is the place where i study for 2 years and the padang where they display the KOLAM is the place where we have band practices and assembly, play rugby and have sports day and now it had turn to be the host of one of a kinda i can say historical event of the school.

This school had left me quiet a number of memories . Good and bad, sweet and bitter one is the same time. Just by looking back the the school picture make me think and recall back the time that i had there before. It was fantastic.

*Picture sourced from The Star

Fake RM0.50 Detected as a Token

August 10, 2007
This is something I got from E mail. No inspiration today. Too stress de.. haha



I would like to share with your readers about an incident today when I pay for my parking fee in Klang.After I have parked my car, I walked to the self-service car park machine to pay for an hour’s parking fee (50 sen in Klang, 60 sen in Petaling Jaya and

40 sen in Shah Alam for an hour). Everything seemed to be fine. The machine printed out a parking coupon and after displaying the coupon at the vehicle’s dashboard, I went to perform my errands nearby.

When I was walking back towards my car, I saw a uniformed officer from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) looking around at my car. He then acted as if he is going to issue a summon to my car. I ran towards him and asked him if everything is OK. I told him that I have paid for my parking and he can see the coupon clearly on the dashboard.

To my shock, the MPK officer said that he planned to issue a summon to me because the 50 sen coin that I had used to pay for the parking fee was a fake coin. The officer mentioned that if a person used a fake coin to pay for the parking fee, it means that no parking fee has been paid.

The MPK officer also showed to me how to read the parking coupon and spot if the coins used are fake or not (see the attached graphics -“TOKEN” means that the coins used are fake). Luckily, the officer understood my situation and decided not to issue any summon to me.

Having said that, I would like to share this experience and knowledge with your readers so that the unsuspected citizens can give special attention when paying for their parking fee at the self-service machines to avoid being innocently penalised.

Thank you.

Anonymous… Who are you…

July 18, 2007
A year back, ehemm.. wanna talk some history, Themodynamic is killing me softly. Bit by bit. A went to some other people blog and commented by rephrasing my gentleman yet charming name with another name which does not sounds so great. And guess what, I got bashed and being pin pointed by the author of the blog and the author is really capable. Well i have to thank to him/her as this make me realize the importance of knowing who came or pass by ur page. Security wise i guess.

I guess at least i am better in a way as i put a name to represent myself. Commenting anonymously is not only not ethical but also restrict your boundary of speech rights. There is nothing wrong as introducing yourself, perhaps it turn out that me and you can be good friend. In the event you gave me a constructive comment as below, I regret that i would not be able to appreciate the person. ………….No name wat…..

But the computing technology with my PC capability has be able to trace the origin of the message. Don ask me how as this is P&C between me and my PC. hahaha.. But as long as there is a will to learn, there will be a way out for all the things. Catching up with the technology is not a time wasting activity. Else does the TM net Streamyx that gave us sucked service will be worth paying for? Must utilize kau kau ma………… My page is currently ranked at 3 by Google. Well, there isn’t anything great. Allow me to get to know you better in the event you commented in this blog. There aren’t anything wrong to say something which can make the entire system to improve. To the Anonymous commenter above, million, billion and trillion of thanks and pls, don make things hard for me.

New Version of Malaysia Satay Talk….

January 27, 2007
On Saturday, 27/1/2007 I have decided to change my look of my blog to something more significant and lively. I even violated the Blogger’s custom template and change it for good of course.

With some guidance from Dr Bernard, finally the project is completed successfully even though i almost screwed up my template… The whole process took me 2 hours but seems there are phone calls and smses to be replied therefore it took me almost 4 hours to complete.. what a day.

Here are the comparison between the old one and the new one.. look almost the same but just added another banner there la..

NEW Malaysia Satay Talk

OLD Malaysia Satay Talk

888 hits in RayChin Online

January 18, 2007

888 In Chinese Canto means rich rich rich…

Finally this blog achieved this hits.

Please do pardon me for the poor image quality