People says life begin @ 20s or sometimes people do says that life starts @ 30s. After being in the reality without fantasy for close to 1 year now. I think my life had just begin@ 25. This is because life begins when you found yourself. I guess i had found mine and my other half as well.

Life may not start beautiful. Not as wished. We will face many ups and downs along the way. Not till i step into the corporate world makes me realize the meaning of struggle. Not till i start charing meeting makes me realize how is that to control the crowd and makes them listen to what they may think is not important to their career development. Not till i spoke hard and be thick face to convince management that my ideas works and please do not reject what i proposed. All these took courage and determination. In less that a year i guess i had achieved alot. More than i could think i could at first.

Monday, i would have to conclude findings that will then be propagated throughout the manufacturing lines. It is million dollar decision but of course data speaks for us. It is also ( if successful ) may give me a breakthrough in my career. In such a short time, i would call it a great ones.

life during varsity still be the best of all. it was very stagnant now but i am pursuing my studies to a higher level along with Six Sigma Black Belt training going in parallel  starting next month.  I know i just can do it.. Support me please.


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