Tiring day

8.30am today morning, i have to rush to Amanjaya Lab and get the apparatus ready for standard sampling in Semeling MDL 2 at 9.00am. Soon after i reach there, there are some complication whereby the sample’s parameters are in doubt. The T3 are in a solid of solution form? I seriously have no idea.

In the event i have to prepare sample consisting of 100 ppm for all 3 alpha,gamma and delta T3. What we can do is to prepare the solution in bulk and do dilution in the end. This seems to be the best solution that we have at this point of time. So the sample was ready for shipping at 10.30am sharp where my Materials Analysis Technique Laboratory are scheduled and my classmates are rushing the lecturer already.

11.00am i finally reach the Amanjaya Campus after 20 minutes of biking through a 13 km journey. Well minyak moto also not cheap if travel all the time like this. Once we are here, we have to condition the instrument’s column and the funny part is, as a research student, it is a mess and a silly part for me not to have the information regarding the process at my fingertips. Poor me.. Perhaps i am too tense up already as the same time i am nt feeling to well also.

In the end the experiment cannot be materialized as the fluorescence detector is not up to what it suppose to be. So wasted the time the whole morning and we soon went for lunch.




HPLC Column


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    wish you a happy new year.

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    Merry Christmas! http://someschools.com

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