My class Psycho.

Well when you tell the truth, eventually you will be at the right track. When 2 parties are fighting among each other, what is there to get attention from anyone to gain support. Is it gaining support means that you won the war. This is not about getting the number, politics is all about influences, which again i don’t have. So there is nothing for you that you want to compete with me.

What your bf don like in this house doesn’t mean that i have to comply with you. A day or two i may.. it won last long for things that i don think has the basis of. What we had accustomed in this house shall be the same as there are no issues until you bring it up and this has brought many and multiple inconvenience for us all. If your bf want things to be organized then you should consider cleaning the whole house as the house look pretty messed up and dirty in the same time.

And when i be myself, it is human rights. Don provoke cultural issue where you can not only pissed me but also the rest. I just notice that you are the one who does not like what i am currently. Other does not complain not because they don’t dare to but they have no purpose to. If the come and confront me, it is like talking to the wind and building sand castle in the sky. You stated that ” The rest of the classmates doesn’t like what you are now but they don’t dare to tell it to you, ONLY I DARE TO” WTF…. well as if i have not been criticized by the rest of them la.. Just how you take it. There is nothing big unless you are being a kid that hides in your parents’..opppss in this case your boyfriend’s armpits..

Slapping a female is a sin. thinking of what have you done to me, the tight slap that has been rewarded and given to you is not just worth, but it is the way to deal with species like you. why i am saying so,

1st, You like to talk ghost story infront of the angel and sang angelic tunes in front of devils. Lidah bercabang 2.

after so much of damage caused by urself to urself as well as the the rest of the people, the slap is actually nothing OK. You deserved that….

Why you need to become Batu Api and cause a stir. Example, you mistake is to stab me infront of my Gf ( nw Ex ) and my mistake not to believe her. Well it is still not too late as you are being yourself now. Keep up the good work.

I just ask a simple question in a class and you have to make it a big issue. Well i don think i will stop as your tears is dirtier than those in the sewage. You tears infront of our classmates and try to win their support to hate me. Well rational one will not initiate to do that to me. Stupid one does. Well i don think there are any stupid one there.. Some have the heart purer that mountain water.

****To be COntinue*d***


One Response to “My class Psycho.”

  1. BabyL@r Says:

    haiyar? War?

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