4 days break

Can be described in one word SIEN..

Sitting at home, cannot lepak also as in the same time have tons of assignment to finish. This semester is kinda tough. No joke man. Just sitting in the class alone make me wonder  why am i getting myself into. So much of shit can be seen flying around.

Last week itself i accidentally make a gal cried in my class. I can say that i am not feeling guilty as i think that gal is a psycho by the way. Getting along with her also can make you get crazy in the same time. Well come on la, if syok sendiri then find others to blame la.. The miriacle there is, i not only does nothing but also i had not been in contact verbally, mentally or even physically with her for a long long time.. Don misunderstand, physical contact mean brutally ok.. not that kinda thing…

When i start to think back about the incident, i feel so stupid that i am being dragged in to the center of attention. Well i wanna keep a low profile, of course there are more than 10 fingers count who know me in a good or bad term out there. I think i had gained enough popularity and that’s enough. You and your bf also the same one la.. both had the same syndrome which  only both of you know. Else how to get together and live under the same roof la.. Correct or not la..

magnetic materials assignment will be settled today. Well i cant drag any longer. time and tide waits for no man.. but time of a man can be wasted on a woman’s hand they come and mess with us.. sounds damn stupid but its damn true..


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