U read and U comment..

Management class is the time where i give my fullest and the deepest thought as it related to the environment and not the text alone. Well pinging the piece of my mind is not wrong i guess.

Being knows as the crapper in the class and make the class to laugh in the end makes some to feel jealous and threatened. Well i think i am just being myself and there is nothing that you can change or do to make things to gets better as i don wanna be a pathetic person like what i used to be when i just broke up in february. my life is filled with colour and i respect others to respect me as i respect them as well.

what is the point throwing tantrums and making noise and try to influence others as i think those who knew me knows me well that i am like this since the first semester. i am kinda upset when i hear that you actually cried as this matters haunts you or whatsoever. I am practically ok and happy with the new semester and i do not hope that things gets ruined just because you are not happy with me.Β  i am leading my life and i don think i cross the border also messing up with you.

what is the point messing up with what i have now. I don have any extra that you not have. just that perhaps i may have the ability to make the class to be more lively and lecturer to “know me” as i am the one always giving him headache and sensitive question for him to answer. apart from that, i am cool.. i just did my part.

and you had an accident today. just out of concern i went to see you and what your bf said is very uncultured and uncivilized. well, you may not know when you need each other and from now on i know that caring and being concern is a loss to me. so there is no need in the future, i mean in the far future to even care for you. being 6 feet under perhaps u will not see my presence also. and there are the people which doesn’t know the real world and fails to appreciate the counter part.

well to be frank la… you make me lose face and talk bad about me in front of our classmates and you even have a meeting with them, to say that i am actually in a wrong position and ask them all to hate me. what is all these? even in the uni junction after you met with an accident i still bother to ask how you are and if i hated you for god sake i will treat you invisible.Β  You are so immature ok. very very much infact. i am not asking you to be grateful but if this is another person, they won bother to come and see you sick and injured face in the ward bed. I just did my part, and thou your rich bf throw such word to me, i am pretty fine with it as for me it is just another part of life that we have to face. Nothing for me to keep in my heart. there are so much of beautiful things that i still need to keep space to store it.

well you have to get adjusted to the environment and not otherwise. i am still the me.. you wanna whack and talk bad it’s up to you.. KARMA is the word for all …


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