Gals Are scary

After comparing the results with the rest of the classmates as well as fac mates. Many of them that i knew that study like hell got a very good result.. One of them is the one that broke my heart and she is being self orientated.

SHe only think to be happy and this make her concentrate more on her studies. Perhaps this semester i should think on myself only la.. As to her and others, my feeling is not important at all. So why shall i care for others feeling when they don even pay a single attention on mine.

So the key to good results is.. I must be emotionally stable this semester and forget about the breakup which almost breaks me up. 4As is not sufficient to cover the damage done by 2 great Cs.

This sem is tough and i shall be able to cope.. Nothing is harder than an envy heart seeing others securing good result while you are aside weeping for Cs. I am becoming a very boring guy. Thing shall change from today.


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