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Gals Are scary

September 29, 2007

After comparing the results with the rest of the classmates as well as fac mates. Many of them that i knew that study like hell got a very good result.. One of them is the one that broke my heart and she is being self orientated.

SHe only think to be happy and this make her concentrate more on her studies. Perhaps this semester i should think on myself only la.. As to her and others, my feeling is not important at all. So why shall i care for others feeling when they don even pay a single attention on mine.

So the key to good results is.. I must be emotionally stable this semester and forget about the breakup which almost breaks me up. 4As is not sufficient to cover the damage done by 2 great Cs.

This sem is tough and i shall be able to cope.. Nothing is harder than an envy heart seeing others securing good result while you are aside weeping for Cs. I am becoming a very boring guy. Thing shall change from today.


One fine Morning

September 29, 2007

At this one fine morning, just before i wake up I was buzzed by a sms who comes in without me asking which sounded this way…

Pls stop being childish as for leaving the gate open. Its out neighbor who tells me during the hols where you guys were home that a suspicious guy peep inside the house blah blah blah..

Hey stupid, why don you tells us in advance. If don tell how people know. Thought you are in deans list, so what.. You communication skills is worst than a toddler. They cry when they want something. We dunno what you want as you are in your little world there.

And also stop harassing me via sms.. I deserve more than that as i am a malaysia citizen as well.. Anything that i am not happy about you i am keeping myself quiet. Why cant you? I have nothing worth to be confiscated from you as you took away the most precious thing in my life. YOU KNOW WHAT. don waste your money smsing shit to me.. My mobile only received honey sweet messages + sugar based products.. Apart from that, its in my blacklist and i will delete without even reading… As i know nothing good came after all.. So get lost …