Monthly Expenses…

When come to the end of the month, pocket money sponsored my F-M scholarship is drying and as usual, parents will ask whether we need extra or not. Charm.. This is all i have left for today but it does not make me unhappy either as this will test my endurance of being a a condition where money is limited. hahaa.. well well. lets see how long this amount of money can last ….

Of course i have some back up in the bank as well as my coins, it should be enough for me to last until early next week. As usual my dad will call me and ask whether i need extra and the same answer is that i will ask the amount that i need. Of course today i spend the whole day calculation and predicting the expenditure for the next month.

Prediction is never accurate but its better than nothing…. What took most of the toll in the expenditure is the house bills and rent… BIG chunk went there… Food comes second followed by petrol and Phone bills comes third and entertainment comes last.

A part from that i have nothing extra to spend on as most of the time i will be home and go out yum char occasionally. Just when a fren from KL came, spend on good food and some signature dish makes life a lil happier.

MONEY is not everything. Me having enough is suffice.. Not asking to be a millionaire but if i am destined to be….
i will repay to those that have favored me no matter how, who and where they are..

***My head is about to break.. FYP journals cant be accessed and Metals and Alloys assignment is turning the internet to be a dustbin… Full of rubbish..


2 Responses to “Monthly Expenses…”

  1. Blur Angel Says:

    do you hate tags? well…. i am a bit sick of doing.. yet i have to pass it around… sorry !

    of course, u can choose not to do it! 🙂

    Dont worry u will be rich again next month!

  2. Chin YY Says:

    Well it depends on the tag.. thanks… i will be rich again but yet there are debts to clear…

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