I will be dealing with the extracts for the next 23 weeks…

Having to do something chemistry in palm oil is definitely sounds not so relevant. Especially when i am studying something different than what i am doing now. Perhaps the word “Bio” cant seems to run away from my life. Where ever i go, it still haunts me. I am still feeling blessed as i get to venture in to something different from others.

So it happen today that the USM Prof Teo came to pass us some of the HPLC columns and some related chemicals. Being a kampung boy, i am curious how the column looks like. Is it like a big cylinder or what. In the end it turns out to be a rod with 1cm of diameter if i am not mistaken. We later went to semeling and stop at the oil palm estate on the way back to get and collect some palm oil fruits.

Sakai also see this before…

What i notice from the group that came today was, as a technician with not a high pay, they knew more than certain undergraduates and what they have is experience and nothing else. So there is no bull shit also. This is the danger part of this group that came today and i am feeling quite tense sitting with them in the car.

When we reach Amanjaya, there are some of my course mate in the corridor and they look weird seeing me coming out from the car. Well there is nothing to be weird with. Being there is not always a good thing. There are pro and cons in the same time.

***Just to mention, moral such as saying thank you is important. You are such a loser as you cant even say it. This shows that you already lose I don have to win to make you lose. Because losing is a way to make me win.** Sounds arrogant… and yet that’s not the real me… Phheeewwww..


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