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September 20, 2007
Lecture without lecture notes…. What a surprise. And rush for management classes in the new campus while the core papers are currently in the old campus.. Fast Fast shift la. can make me save some petrol money also.

Today my motorbike battery went out… Will get it fixed ASAP. Well, these are unpredictable events. Again this make me run out of budget again. Again and again. Haizzz.. But traveling to new campus with such a distance, i prefer to commute by using my motorbike. Apart of reaching the campus on time, fast and reliable.. I can cut cue and pass red light if there aren’t many cars. Haha.. what such biker am I.

After doing some calculation, I have to spend 15 mins or less to reach the campus plus parking with a car. Instead 10 mins is all required and the bike parking is nearer to the lecture room. Well i ‘d admit that i am not a safe driver neither a biker. But anything, safety comes first. Of course when there are friends traveling with me safety measures is the first priority la..

Anywhere also, in the campus we shall not park anywhere that does not belongs to us. Else the stupid guard will make noise and their BM is like Sakai language. I don or hardly UN what is coming out from their mouth. So you don want people to SAKAI you, don be a sakai.. have some rules ok. Someplace that does not belong to you better no go, or use… New campus is the new laws. Overprotective…..