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My Third Year

September 17, 2007
I came to Kedah in 2005 and in will be graduating in 08′. Time flies and there are too many things happened in a Year 1 and Year 2 chapter itself. To conclude, the Uni life is getting myself ready to face the world outside. Frankly, when i recall back, we are being so pampered by the lecturer and we are a lil demanding at times. It is totally opposite out there, and it was realized when i was an intern in Winchem.

Later at 0830, Will be my first class in my final year, hopefully i am able to wake up as these days my biological clock has been disrupted. Some of the subject that I am taking in being lectured in the new campus and i will have to go there for lecture if i happen to take that paper. So this sem, commuting my car alone kills the monthly budget. There will be the reason for me to make use of my motorcycle this semester.

Pssstttt…..***I kinda miss the view of Lamma Island…

Happy Birthday MunTyng..