Comfort Zone

When things tends to get into a comfort zone, it makes people to be lazy and do not feel like moving. Happens in anything and any moment in a person’s life a comfort zone will make people to forget the need to progress and the will to succeed.

A comfort zone in work will make the efficiencies to be questioned. Do not be surprised that there will be no progress. There will be very little productivity as work done is all the same all day all month and all year. People tends to get used to it as their body is already immune to such working behavior.

Being in a comfort zone, the turnover rate in terms of employment is very small as the working satisfaction is achieved. As myself, my comfort zone only comes when things stabilizes but currently, i am in a super comfort zone as i am having my holidays. Comparing to previously, people are giving me some headache, which i were to keep it to my self or to publicized.


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