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My Car Hard to Start In Cold Weather

September 13, 2007
This is something that i copy from the internet to share.

Starting a car with a cold engine can be easier said than done and there are times it can be a real frustration, particularly if you live in the hills or areas that can become exceptionally cold. If you are like me, and have experienced this problem, then you will understand how valuable it is to learn why and how it happens, so that you can avoid it happening too often. If you search online, you will find a number of sites that can give you more information in articles about cold engines. One of them is and it can tell you almost anything about your car.

Cold engines do not start for various reasons. Firstly, it could be One of these reasons can be because of the effect which cold weather has on liquid evaporation. When it is cold, petrol evaporates less, causing difficulties as a result of being burnt when it is evaporated.

Secondly, a cold engine might have problems in starting because oil happens to get thicker in cold weather. Oil, just like any liquid, changes consistency when exposed to very low temperatures. Due to this, the oil may have a real effort trying to circulate in the car engine. If you really hate your car and it seems to be causing you more headaches than you need, why not search In their cars pages, you can search through thousands of cars for sale and list your vehicle on the market with the private listings service. To list your vehicle quickly and easily, register as an individual – it’s free to join.

Thirdly, car batteries may experience problems during cold weather too, and consequently this could affect the engine. Batteries function through chemical reactions, which lose velocity when cold and therefore, will not function appropriately. As a result, the cars energy becomes ‘distressed’ and this is the reason why your engine will not start.

When the three difficulties occur at once, starting your engine may become uncompromising. How can you overcome the lack of petrol evaporation? You can spray ether into the engine, which would evaporate quickly and help your engine to start. The other thing you can try is using thin synthetic oil, which will not thicken in the cold. Parking your vehicle in a garage out of the cold is another way of preventing the engine becoming too cold. Using these simple methods may assist you in having fewer problems in starting your motor cars engine in cold weather.


Comfort Zone

September 13, 2007
When things tends to get into a comfort zone, it makes people to be lazy and do not feel like moving. Happens in anything and any moment in a person’s life a comfort zone will make people to forget the need to progress and the will to succeed.

A comfort zone in work will make the efficiencies to be questioned. Do not be surprised that there will be no progress. There will be very little productivity as work done is all the same all day all month and all year. People tends to get used to it as their body is already immune to such working behavior.

Being in a comfort zone, the turnover rate in terms of employment is very small as the working satisfaction is achieved. As myself, my comfort zone only comes when things stabilizes but currently, i am in a super comfort zone as i am having my holidays. Comparing to previously, people are giving me some headache, which i were to keep it to my self or to publicized.