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Alor Star Trip

September 6, 2007
Alor Star, is the capital city of the state of Kedah darulaman. This place looks new to me and there is nothing wrong or against anyone will that could make me to come and have a look here. It looks developed or better developed residentially rather than commercially. I see more houses along the mainroad which reminds me of Jalan Gopeng which is now known as Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, in Ipoh. Perhaps I did not went and explore deeper inside and who knows that there may be more things to see.

Merdeka Mood…

I finally remember to take some picture of this place when I stop at Pekan Rabu, the place where i once heard that they had something like a Wednesday market. Well, not to sure as i read all these in books.

This also brings me to Jitra which is my first stop before i went to Alor Star. To get to Alor Star you will have to take a bus from Jitra Bus stop to Shahab Perdana, A bus terminal in Alor Star, just like Medah Gopeng in Ipoh, or Jalan Duta or Puduraya in KL. My coming to this place make a sense when i bump into one of my friend from my hometown which studies in KUKUM and currently in her final year pursuing a degree is Manufacturing Engineering.

When i travel north, i can actually feel the kampung’ atmosphere maybe because there are more malay that other races. The food there are cheap. Super cheap. Teh tarik for 60 cents is already extinct elsewhere but you can still get it here. Of course, you will see all the same look as certain ethnics only are present in the place.