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KL Trip..

September 5, 2007
The last time I been to KL is about half a year ago. So by having KL as my stop this time, means i won be going to Jacky Cheung Concert. Well there is something more important to do than going for the concert. KL hasnt changed much. The building and the road are the same. development has perhaps become stagnant here, in this area, the Golden Triangle.

Some say KL has a nice view at night. Being captured using camera is not the same as seeing with naked eye. With the neon light and the Merdeka” atmosphere, Kuala Lumpur seems to be very lively. On my way to Pudu, I manage to capture some pictures using my camera phone the T 630, which is a lauya one and after some enhancement, this is what i have yielded.

Petaling Street.. Heaven of Pirated Goods..

Kotaraya Mural..

Puduraya Traffic at night

Jalur Gemilang that Blankets the Puduraya Carpark

Some of the place brings back the old times memories. Something that has a definite sentiments in some people. Thinking back, I felt quite silly as part of being thrifty, I limit myself from traveling and this makes see less interesting things. Money is not everything but it is something we need to survive.

Perhaps I am tired of being in the northern region especially in Ipoh, Taiping and Penang, my coming to KL make a sense. A change of environment is a good especially when i am so desperate for a turnover in my current life. Things are getting pretty screw up at times. What had happened does not matter anymore for me. Getting it right will just make the things to get worst. What is important now, I know that I am doing the right thing. Right things always serve right.

Even so, there are still skeptical mindset that cant be changed. People’s thinking and their interpretation cant be governed and this what leads to stupid unnecessary misunderstanding. Somethings that tends to be private cant be questioned and some blog tends to have a patient reader to digest the content. A private space like this is not a local daily where you have to understand what I wrote. Only childish thinking bloggers cum readers does that. Correct me.

**Some more picture after i get down from train.

Pasar Seni LRT… Place where i use to come when i Ponteng…

Maybank building..
The have this special light projection in conjuction with the
Malaysia 50 years of Independence

The railway station

Central Post Office