Kemayan,Pahang Trip

This break i went to visit my dad at his working place. I is better to go back rather than not going back at all. Well family comes first and even though it is just for a few days, it is alright. Well we sibling went and visit him as he is alone there after my mom’s passing. I manage to grab the newly bought camera and thanks to Samm for recommending the right camera for me.

Below are some pictures of the place where my dad is currently stationed and it has a pretty good environment for a prefect getaway. I hope that my dad will not retire so early as even though retiring is good but a man that is not occupied with a job or at least something to do tends to gets older easier.

This is the right place for those who search for a live away from the city as this is really very very far from the city and you can see only trees around here.

***Some picture to support my post is not a bullshit one..

The house..

Coconut trees behind my house

Guava trees


School’s Hostels

4 Responses to “Kemayan,Pahang Trip”

  1. Johnny Ong Says:

    a nice place to live. kampung lifestyle is nice compared to the hectic city life.

  2. Samm Says:

    You’re welcome. And i’m glad you are happy with my recommendation. Thanks for sharing the pics. Just snap away. It’s really a great camera. How’s ur studies? When graduate?

  3. Good Boy Gone Bad Says:

    Psst… my college is Kemayan ATC, when are u coming to visit me?

  4. Azer Mantessa Says:

    the pics are nice. thx for sharing


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