Walks of Life Part 4

I met him again today when I was loitering around Central Square. It was quite surprising to see him here as here is not a native here.. He came down for a business trip and i was kinda shock to him see him… I just had my meal as well as my movie, IMPAK MAXIMA, which i shall say a good one for a local production house.

Well as usual with is status as a single divorced man… We sat and talk again not for very long, just a short while. Judging from what he has and he achieve now, i really have to take him as a role model being humble low profile and low in everything except for cash. We chatted for half and hour and we each separate to our own way.

Thinking from the way i start the story, exactly this is what he told me.. Damn pathetic face, asking for people to pity. When i think of it does make sense you know. This is how you can make people have their attention on you. Ruin others life, well this make sense also. To survive. But all happened in the past and i am taking it as a lesson, informal lesson from him.. Owing a factory that processes coffee and being sold worldwide, once you reach this level there will be alot of people sticking to you. NO one is true. The same goes here. When you are having a certain facilities people tends to come to you. Once a better one came, you are no longer in their eyes anymore. This scenario happens in business as well as in life.

Listening to him make me realize never to blame myself or anyone on anything that happens around. Things do happen for a reason. Life, our future is pre destined, we like it or not we still have to go through this, most important, we learn out of this.

The stories ends here….


One Response to “Walks of Life Part 4”

  1. Lifebook Says:

    You do meet interesting ppl.. 😛

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