Exam is Over

Hoooray….exam is over but my flu is not over. From 10.00am to 11.30am, i was struggling with my ‘clever’ running nose to write for the exam. Damn, one of the lecturer tells me after the exam saying ‘Chin when I saw the question I know you all going to KENA already” well i guess this is quite true la. Materials Management is not an easy subject to score but to pass ok ler.

The Me, as usual when comes to holidays I will hunt for jobs or part time to fill up my time. Me as a workaholic ? I am kinda lazy actually. But this time there are unconfirmed jobs as the jobs are pretty ok. So after the test, we went to this Master Choo for a quick lunch with Goh, Issac and the other day after Polymeric Materials with Chuan, Wee Shen, Suria and Issac. My car broke down and therefore i get to make some new friends. Some unexpected companion. Haha..

Master Choo Central Square

Somebody wanna kena already… I look Cool rite..
Some of you wanna throw up already for sure
and pls…. Go and throw up fast…

Wee Shen and Me…

My meals. I dunno what it called as I seriously

The average looking me in Pink
Only real man wear Pink so do a counted as one?

Guess i need to get some sleep. Pretty tired and worn. Luckily the outing to Sense Cafe is canceled else i sure KOYAK ler..haha

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