Walks of Life Part 3

Incidents in the Mid 20s, losing someone who s/he love. Making people to misunderstand and the worst part is. Very narrow minded. Glancing back makes the whole thing to become funny as these are actions taken by little kinda who plays sand.

When comes to 30s, just then this person know how to think and act accordingly. Perhaps winning the game all the while without feeling the guilt and the sensation, madness and down makes this person to know the feeling when there is an event where the situation eats this person up and making a deep hole in the life and it was thought that it will never be a sunshine tomorrow. In the 20s, life is very unstable and crisis happens everywhere. From the look they judge that this person has a good deed but it was otherwise.

Things started to change when he inherited a mountain of gold. Not gold exactly but a big plot of plantation lands and shares of a few multinationals corporation in the states. Now he is a pretty rich person, never in his mind that he will be in this position. Well, trusting people becomes an issue. Siblings can do wonders and give you hell as well. Other than good in talking, direction direction less motions and opinion that make the board laugh till their lungs phlegm comes out.

This is the time where I myself get to know this person in deep, detail and the life journey just started here. What he told, when he reflect his life back in his 20s, having a pathetic look to make people have the attention on him, rely on other people and yet make decision too fast make him to lose the most important person which he regards as one of the unwanted most useless person at that time. Being too sensitive as well make him lose his judgment, well this are pretty like what that used to happen to the youngsters nowadays.

Regretting now is too late. Salvaging a scoop is easier than guarding a big pail of water. Make the fact right before throwing blames which makes me to be smarter, listening to one side of the story will make judgment to be biased. Listening and getting more information from reliable sources is always more secured. Learning from him not how to make money, but human principles.

The most difficult subject in this world is not an academic subject but it is the matter of Human Management.

To be continued….


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