Walks of Life Part 2

After passing some of indecent events in 20s, ruin peoples life and play dirty in a clean way, make friends, make enemies,went throught a few relationship, lose what is most important in life and making other people’s life went down the drain, causing some trouble that may lead to a crime record and sentence to other people and basically do what is needed to survive.

Making and floating the head above the water is the essential and principle in life back then. I must survive and the rest must die. If not then i will die. Making other people look bad is good and this makes me look even better. I know

the rule of the game and this is my game and I am totally in control. Your balls and tits are in my hand and i am grabbing it tight. These are the principles that make this person to survive. Perhaps this is the landing and the training ground for this person to be what s/he is now today. Perhaps things are done in a more careful way.

In the mid 20s , the pathetic look had changed to become a more pathetic look. This person look very pathetic when the working life comes in to place. Stress and the level is kinda unbearable. Things that look beautiful once is so ugly and bad looking now. Those people that meant once isolates themselves. Basically all the things just turn the opposite. By the time, it is almost 30s now. It is a little late to start thinking what is suppose to come next as it is a little too late. Only self actualization and awareness is able to get this person out of this…

So what happens in 30s?


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