Optics is Not Fun..


When I saw the quote above, which is being posted by one of the contact I have on MSN, it make me to become more nervous as my internal marks in optics is the lowest out of all my subjects and yet it is still in the range of 30s. We are suppose to be fear of God, not even death so the decision here is to face it as it is impossible for me to leave it.

Optics, well this is a paper which I myself fear of. It is like reading a piece of blank paper where nothing seems to go in initially. After recovering from flu, I am like K.O already. Perhaps I am pushing myself too hard to study and to think during exam. At one time I can feel my nerves swell and my joints freeze, and my blood vessel thickened. And all this happens in the examination hall as well.

And the examination hall is not properly ventilated. Damn situated 20 feet below the ground, the depth of the lake near my house where my dad currently posted and we are, I mean we are fighting for the air to breath and this is added with some idiots who cant stand cold and they refused to wear or have extra cloth to cover their innocent but weak body make the air to become thinner. Those who has asthma will suffer and for myself who has this kinda history well it was hell down there.

And the result, running nose and sneezing most the time. Well don’t blame me as this is what happens. The air cond is not cold enough and it is just ngam ngam only. Even a person who farts can make the whole hall stinks. So to those who can’t stand the chill, wear extra jackets, singlet or even bra if you wanted to show to the macho men out there that you have better femininity compared to the rest of people.


One Response to “Optics is Not Fun..”

  1. Azer Mantessa Says:


    When things like this happen, i wrote down the question with no answer … me so stupid one :(((

    all the best to your studies ya

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