4 Vs 2

Yeah… today’s exam is great. But there are some indecent moment occurs during the exam. Flu.. damn… And this puts me to sleep right after my paper, which is very very tiring and very very uncomfortable in the same time.

I blog hopped and come across this blog which say something like losing a friends. Well i guess i have the same thing here. First of all, all these started from a misunderstanding/s. People do change after they attain something in life as things are always changing. Just like the recent hurricane, Dean that hits the Carribean so badly, human are therefore the same as well.

After a few series of hot selling cakes stories, which pepper salt or even unwanted sugar is added to spice up the story, of course things become worst la. Until one day where this person come and negotiate, again in a private space of mine and the line is drawn. Thinking back, I was wondering if it is necessary. Giving up friendship and earn a new line friendship. Something things started from ourself thinking too much.

Well, i believe we cant be able to get along with everyone in this earth. This is impossible for sure. But please do not make people mind to become skeptical as this just make yourself another bastard or bitch of the day. I tot of giving tips to the friends of mine today but, luckily i did not as in the end, i will just be sending an sms without a reply, which is something like burning a cigarettes that is just making the tobacco company happy but incurred health damaging issues to us. Well if are keen on people doing good to you, you are suppose to adapt to the situation.

god does not perfect and make our life this good, as these phase never happens. We are suppose to search for our own happiness and live for it. Life is always incomplete and we are suppose to complete it.

Give ur comments on this.. well appreciated


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