Walks of Life

At the age reaching 20s and the individual seems to be crippled thought s/he is given a pair of hand and leg, long enough to walk around and keen enough to survive. What at this age, you still can survive on your own and always have to depend on other people on what ever needs that concern in your life now.

Your closest is like a closet now blanketing you protecting you and even feeding you and when the aid is not around, you will not die but just some pathetic looking complexion manage to ask and demand sympathy from the people around who does not know the real you and it is happening as those people around is blind.

Things does change but the people attitude will remain forever. Just feeling like laughing when i come across this scenario and it is happening. Life is tough and no matter how good it is, somehow there will be a deep hole where everyone of us will have to fall in and the one who gets up is the one who survived.

There is no free lunch in this world and there only free lunch is during the dinner receptions provided you are invited to it. And the same thing here, people won smile to you if you don smile to people. I believe you won give your parents some respect if you do not earn even a slightest respect from them.. Correct me….

*Please do not grow up so i will have some writing inspirations. Being a kid somehow has a better advantages that being an adult.


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