3 Down 3 More to go..

It has been fun looking and sitting for exams these days. Yah, I mean fun. Perhaps after the break up which is the ultimatum so far this year, there is nothing that can challenge me and stimulate me this far. Well studying is tiring but when u see the examination question, it seems that everything is worth as everything is pass now. This means the end of the entire paper.

This maybe the update from me for those who checks on me daily. thanks for ur support and pls don screw me as u choose to read what i have written. My blog will go for another major renovation later and i have begin now my transferring some of the contact elsewhere so i will have lesser work later. So there are some contact or links that may not appear in the blog, don worry i don hate you thou you may hated me or something. I have a big heart and small little things definitely will not affect me much. After going through so many things, things changed but some people still the same. God bless.

I am currently feeling very lazy. Help me pray for me and let me be… Visit me when you are free and I am always welcome visitors. Come in a good way and leave the same way thou.

“There are some moment in life that may perish due to time,
But memories are kept for us to be cherished “, quote that ends the post for now.


One Response to “3 Down 3 More to go..”

  1. decayed-angel Says:

    “there is nothing that can challenge me and stimulate me this far”
    then got reach orgasm like jermyn did since u two are under one roof! haha

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