Friends or Foes.

Before meet any friends out there!!

Beware of the Idiot looking person or
sometime they look like mommy boy/ daddy gal

Explaination :

They seem like good person and won’t
do any harm on you.

As a friend, we might think he/she a
good friends while they are tricky
then you do.

Look like idiot or mommy boy but they
can even make fool of their own
parents or sometime to get what they
want, he/she can even do something
more scary then stranger do!!

Actually they are not idiot at all
but they just pretending idiot so we
might/will start make fun and getting
close to them cuz we have been fool by
his acting(body language) and the way
they talk.

Once they get what they want from
you, they will start leave you and
pretending that he don’t know you at
all. ( not a friend )!! we called it

what they want?
We are human. Every human have their
own need and desire!
Human are unique in this world.
they can even want ur head or any part
of your body!!
don’t talk about money
that is for sure!!

Beware of any human outside this world
and start take good care of yourself
and love your family.


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