Exam is good

Not trying to be MEAN but exam is really good sometimes. It makes us more knowledgeable in the same time to keep us up to date with the current happenings as well as backdated events.

It also keep the road bully away as they will be cracking their head at home trying/ pretend to study as they are not studying or pretend to study when the time is give to them to study or pretend to study.

Exam time you can see those kiasu kiasi kiasai kia kia kia wat ever you call it attitude to emerge from their inner self. What ever shit you call it, they happy to see you die and sad to see you alive and that is life. You say dunno they are happy come out from exam hall smiling, again you get a Sai looking face again and they will say, Don Sai Meng… Those motherfuckers only happy see people down under and this is what i call pure and intelligent but brainless immoral and suckers, born and breeds from a senior motherfucker cum grandmother fucker. Go die la.. Mau Kain kapan gua supply..

As for me, when i am having exam, i will

  • Surf Net and Look for articles to read. ( So there are something for me to goreng in Business Ethics Paper)
  • Online MSN YAHOO SKYPE you name it.. Life is kinda empty without getting buzz and DING DONG from the virtual counterparts.
  • Study of course but in a proper manner. Computer is just next to me and the temptation is there.. Can’t Help it.
  • Read news and Blog more as when i read the notes, it is just too bored and my mind keep thinking either to curse and bash those who dammed me online and curse me from behind or even those who misinterprets things in an unique way. (Online you can see many, real life worst still )
  • Listen to the new version of Negaraku** by Namewee and feel the patriotism what ever you call it.
  • To remind myself to study and not to online too much.. Just cant help it. Life is never this good with the technology. I love technology.
  • Sleep early wake up late. So i get enough rest …. hahahhahah

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