Day of the Day

This is perhaps the most happiest day and hope there are more to come. Exam was quite smooth and i hope to get the result that I wanted. You get what you pay for. Waking at at 4 in the morning to consume, digest and finally vomit the content of the 14 week worth of lecture notes is no fun at all. When everyone is nicely asleep i am awake.. just to pursue what u believe what i can. Well well sounds too philosophical. I am gonna get bang out of this man, further more i am so tired now.

Glancing back at the news of the bus crash that killer 19 passengers in Taiping, my heart was saddened just by reading the news. The site of the accident is very near the place where i took a short rest while i was traveling using my motorbike on my first day of registration to this AIMST University back in 2005. I just can’t believe that this is the site that eat lives, 19 of the passengers. Never in my mind i will imagine that that will be the site of the accident. Well may god bless those souls and may them rest in peace. Life is like this, someone will have to go someday.

There are 3 more papers to kill. I have just realize that we can’t expect the people to do what we doesn’t practice on them. We must initiate and we also must end it. We are not a saint and not all the time the good things comes to us only. We must sometimes get some shit in to get the taste of it. We human will never learn as long as we did not fail.

Conclusion, i do not wish to comment too much, just if what i wrote concern anyone, sorry ler… i don meant it anyway that can hurt anyone’s feeling.


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