Tick of the Day

The thermo paper was fantastic today as I manage to secure a few important parts and the finals paper shall not an issue so far. What worries me most is the internal marks that has yet to be released and screw up pretty badly in my quiz.

Being depressed and felt being manipulated is a part of the life and there aren’t any ideal equation in this world. Perhaps those who are still in the dream, please wake up a lil early as this is the reality. I am quite surprise to learn that there are some people who are still thinking that the ideal equations exists in this world and its better to keep the lips seals else will get myself into some irregular and indefinite catastrophic conversation which hated most.

Life is always an equation and there are balance of both. You cant have all.Having a neither handsome or pretty partner does not mean is complete. Even it is the opposite, it doesn’t mean that the next generation which is the children will inherit the traits of ours. There is always a balance everywhere but not in the Malaysian Political Systems.

Life is all about what will happen next. What is done in the pass is not important anymore and i wish there aren’t a scar in me as it is a burden to me. Tomorrow will always be a better day even though your position today has no difference that being in a sewage pipe.


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