Exam is here Hahaha

I must be siao de. When someone is in a deep stress. There are a few symptoms.

  • Cry
  • Ham Kau Mang… 喊救命
  • Look Like Shit
  • Depressed
  • Think Nonsense
  • Get crazy and i am getting crazy now….
Why, tomorrow is Thermodynamics Finals at 1000 GMT +8. Getting too much info in my head from my notes is actually asking me to go and get some hell out of my system. There is no Karaoke set in my room and i need to let things out…

Don care la. SIMPLY Hantam can already la who is going to hear me in the room.. Hahaha.. Therefore after a short drizzling rain, I think the timing is just nice for me to sing in my room and guess what greeted me….

Before I sing … = Peaceful and Calm
When I am singing = Neighbor dogs starts barking and when i stop …….. they stop……….


And i know i only qualify as a bathroom singer. If i go on stage there will people admitted to ICU i guess, due to imbalance of blood pressure as they laugh non stop. Hopefully this don lead the to be bedridden the rest of their life man…. Red box will not want me as their customer as their mic and speaker going to pecah very soon… hhahaahaha

Even i can see some cracks in the wall of my mini bathroom also…. haha but this is due to fatigue not my voice la… take note …..

God bless mother nature…
bless me tomorrow and the following exam days….


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