Finals A day Before..

Finals is not around the corner anymore but finals is here. Dammit. A part from feeling scared i am feeling anxious and excited in the same time. My brain is kinda saturated already hope the saturation will help me when i am answering.

We are given only a week of study break and then we are going in for finals. Others student as in pharmacy are getting more time. At least they have a few more days to grasp what they want to be in their brain. Time to go back to studies. This season, i am emotionally stable for the coming Monday subject which is also a killer paper.

Tomorrow I am thinking of going to pray. May those ministers “upstairs”are keen enough to help me and enlighten me with what is suppose to be written and eliminate what is not suppose to be in there.

Exam make the coffee seller to have a vertical boost in business as to make me staying awake, Nescafe 50grams is being consumed by me in just a week time. After exam really have to stop. But without coffee I still can read but nt at full alert ..


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