This is the 100th post in the Life Tags and time has bought me a real deal of memories neither good or bad one to be fitted in this blog. A big salute to myself. for attaining this. Perhaps all the English words written by me in this blog is far more than the English word that is written by me in my entire life.

There is nothing much to cherish, no celebration and no feast just a small pack of Cintan Mee and a cup of special brew of Nescafe with my special formulation, which only able to make myself satisfy with the aroma alongside with it’s sourly taste is accompanying me at these hour…4 hours to the wee hour of the day and where all the necessaries will resume their responsibilities.

2 more days to the most deadly paper and i think i am quite ready for it. My internal assessment marks is not very good but it satisfies me and make me stronger by just thinking how i manage to go through hell at my cost. It is quite disappointing even to mention that i have sacrifices many of the things that i love and taken some of the one i doesn’t even thought of having all these while to be a part of my life.

It is very proud of me to say that i have gained things that i could never gain if i were the same person i was in the beginning of the year. Basically, the lever is always balance. This is the rule of the game. Being grateful of what had happened whether it is a good or a bad thing will always benefit ourself more than others as others…..especially will not know what are we thinking.

I have gained and i have lost in the same time. When i turn what i have lost to become my gain. I am gaining double the amount of what i am suppose to. Depends how we look at it. There is always a light in a dark and every clouds has ” it’s ” silver lining.


One Response to “100”

  1. decayed-angel Says:

    congrats on the 100th post in Life tags, cheers ^^

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