The Past

A big salute to the chinese language inventor for making the language to be such a wonderful language to be taken as a second language. It is such a wonderful language that can describe wonders in few words.

IF there is no past it will not make the one standing here and there will be no histories. I think that i now do not need some of the past which bugs me all along. Waking up every morning looking at the morning sun makes life a lil better compared to looking at the evening dawn which is a sad view that symbolizes death and the beginning of the unhappiness.

If i do not have to be responsible to those who visits my blogs, i will not be writing in a so controlled manner as deep inside there are many things embedded under the blanket in my heart which i wanted to voice out. I learn how to keep my new companions happy rather than making them think otherwise. I have left behind a great past, great enough to make one to be blind folded while walking under a public spotlights. Well, something has to go to pursue something more important. Therefore i will give up what i dont like the most which is the past.


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