Piss Off.. You can Why Cant I….

What is the problem doing those stuff and utilizing the utilities given to us. Well, this really shuts me down from helping at least to see see and look look. Kinda pissing me off. Spoil my afternoon.

You are not the one that i knew before this. The selection of words of yours to me will never change and my impression to you had changed 360 degrees. I have to say this as i felt lucky that this happens. I am feeling sad in the same time but how nice and how ever i treats you, you will still not know how to respect me, life is never fair and i knew it. It will always be at your pace and if it isn’t you blame the world. I am the one who shall hate you for all the damage and “gifts” you gave me yet i am still the one before. the one who never keep past too deep in my heart. you are making me more and more upset and stronger by day. I know i can survive with nonsense happens daily around me as you cant survive if there aren’t sound friends around. Me, I am practically left alone after few incidents. Life is never so good after that but i can say it is best now.

Thank you for making me realize that the world is a world full of something. Life a also a circle. What happen today will happen to you one day. Just wait and see and let the Almighty do his work. I am tired and wired with all these nonsense. I am therefore stopping it now as i am doing good for dick and pussy creatures. DAMMMMIT>>>>>>>>>


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