From KFC to Ipoh

Just i dunno the older i am the more i change and I am indeed no longer the person that I myself knew those days. Yupe, changes took place. Just moments before this i was going through the KFC websites. It took less that few seconds for me to load the page as the line is excellent today.

I have the urge to check on the location of the restaurant and i clicked Perak which happens to be my homestate. Just by going through the list of the restaurant location especially those which is located in Ipoh, it make me to fly back to the time and moment once i were there and once it was there. I have been to those place and it is not strange to me. These are place where i have been either with someone special or being there alone.

having coffee in the ipoh old town infamous Nam Heong, getting to know the world, hell in form 6, fall in love and get out of love as well, fosters family, the ambiance of the old town at night, padang ipoh… Just name it. I can somehow feel the place as if it is my home as i felt i belong more there rather than my place of origin, Sungkai.

There are just too much of memories there and to compile it take months. When ever i have the chance to go home, Ipoh will be the definite place for me to drop by. My family knew that and if a day i happen to disappear with dad’s car, they know where i will be heading to. No question asked and i usually will reach home after midnight as i do mind missing the sight of the pre war building shone under the orange yellow light of neons. So far no one has been able to share these moments with me, perhaps it doesn’t give them the satisfaction the wanted.

Just writing about it reminds me of the place and the urge to go back build up gradually and now i really feel like going back. Those are the good old days with less complicated life around. I now understand why people want to go back to those time. Aging is a good lesson to me at least to learn about life.

It is never feel good to stay away far…
It is always better to stay near home….


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