Saturday morning.

Saturday suppose top the the day where student gets to rest and relax. Go out for a dateif u happen to have someone to.. Well i fall in none of the categories above because i am single and i am having class in the midst of the saturday morning.
Having an assignment to be due on monday makes those who have 2 printer at home but 2 also tak boleh pakai to come early and become one of the first few faces to be seen in the university compound. I am greeted with a sleepy looking security guard and a think fog on this saturday morning. If i were to be given a choice i rather sleep more and relax, go out for a morning tea rather than commiting myself with this kinda routine life. Some says it gets worst in the later part of your life but coming back to it, It you that is powerful enought to govern your life and therefore make changes out of it.
I am also the earlier to get myself out from my rented room as usual and at time i am a bit late to catch up some sleep. To be frank i am little upset towards the selection and the distribution of student to the lecturers. I find it a little not logical as the confirmed project can’t be materialised. People tends to talk cock in the beginning and in the end, they talk cock also. Cock talking won get anyone anywhere la. Don let your cock do the talking la.. Use your cocky brain and think is it right to turn people proposal just like that. .Why cant you think as hard as your cock when your cock is happy…diu….big one…
If i know this happen from the beginning then i don have to go and find the samples la.. Wanan crawl until my previous workplace to get samples and tires make me real tired also la. I go and arrange some fei kei ( Aeroplane) tires from KLIA and now you fong fei kei me..ANother big Diu …How is it feel to send email and cancel the appointment which is not easy to get. If let say my father owns the place also i cant do this la. Against the ethics what.
Haizz pass is pass la .. just wish to forget bout it.. Sorry la Azhar and Carmen.. my lecturer does not make this project to be materialized.. Thanks for your help and assistance as well..
Need to go Class at 9 am…

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