What Happened today

Went to Semeling for the University endorsement ceremony.
Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu and Dato Mustapha Mohamed is merely 30 feets from me.. So can see these 2 person clearly. Politician has their own way to talk.

Went to Pay BILLS to avoid from the electric cut water cut internet cut and watsoever that can be cutted.

Car Broke down as the stupid rain water enters the engine compartment. Car Stalled at the traffic light near the IPD Kuala Muda. Caused the road which already jammed to me more jammed.. Car ok after that.

Went to Siram Kiri. A Siamese temple and have Sauna there.. So blardy hot. My precious” is about to be cooked. Not me alone as i guess the rest of the guys that went there are the same also.. Go in 5 minutes or less. come out de..
the excitement is when Goh heard the water boiling, “gluk gluk gluk” like that…. and we all rush out.cannot tahan man… so hot… and we are half cooked when we are out.. My body are partially red.. hahahha….I have fun there..


One Response to “What Happened today”

  1. bloomingtree Says:

    your precious? lolx

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