It has been a real tired day today. Really very tired and i just cant help myself coming back to straight away fall on my bed and sleep. And one more thins is that, there are some background story which is related to my selection of my Final Year Project which i don wish to elaborate more. Some things that i find very stupid and if there proved any incapabilities, please decide from the start. Victimizing is not a good leading example in this world. It is not practical at all. Decision is something like time, once decided, please stick to it and never fall back.

And these 2 days make me realize another stupid and potentially harmful syndrome which will affect the ADAMS..Earlier i posted that Malaysia Airlines System is facing some PMS problems but not only them, the EVEs are facing PMS but it is call Pre Menstrual Syndrome. Say Hell NO to PMS. It kills man. Reason, reason and argument can be backed by saying that I am Having PMS even though is not written as a common law yet it has become the norms.

Well having PMS is not the wrong thing, but being too sensitive, easily disturbed, tendency to think too much, depression ( self made) and the famous think out of box, if it is in the right path is okay, but always it tend to create so mess and unnecessary problems which in the end bring no good to both sides. There is no rights saying that scolding people and messing up with PMS problems will benefit or gain advantage from the law. You commit any wrong doing whether you pmsed or un pmsed, you cant tell the judge,

“My Lord, Please forgive me
I am being affected by my PMSed, Please forgive me and punish my PMS”.

Once you say that i bet the next day, you will be the celebrity of the nation, you model looking face will be the presses highlight and you are the next William Hung. This is how PMS revolves in our live. Don send me SMS or MMS after you read this. Only PMS people will do so.. ( Just kidding)

p/s : Raja Petra has got himself being accused by defaming the King. Well I am also scared that there may be someone who make police report on me on what i have posted. So this time, the sensation is reduced to protect my freedom.


2 Responses to “PMS”

  1. min Says:

    Hey Chin! tag for u ! i know it is annoying ! 🙂 just do it if u want or u can just ignore it !!

  2. Chin Y.Y. Says:

    haha min, i kau tim already ler..

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