Have you experience the feeling of being observed and followed where ever and wat ever you does. It sounds as if I am talking as if i am a celebrity myself but actually i am just a layman who want to get out from the hypocrite environment and also people around. Let me get myself out from the cycle rather than asking the rest to fuck off. Let me took the blame of the situation thou the problem does not come from me as this will increase the percentage to restore peace if i don not want to fall or be trapped in between civil war.

Why the world is hypocrite, You have the cash, you are good looking, you are good in studies, or you may portray a good impression just from your look but deep inside your heart is darker than carbon black, and just that people don see it as they don’t know you deep inside. The people will not mind all these as the world has revolved to have more emphasis on aesthetic value and through these, homo sapiens manipulates the law and turn it in to their game.

This will lead to how the society see you as a person in this world. Well, we have 25 million in Malaysia alone and the world population is estimated to be 6,602,224,175 (July 2007 est.). Do we have to care how each and everyone in the entire population how they value and judge our personality. To me this is very unfair as the fact is always one sided. The stories varies depending on which side are you standing and are you one of their cronies. If you are not then you’re out then. Or in other word, you are finished..

Criticism that are constructive will definitely bring good. Time is the only tool needed to adapt and change to be a better individual. Developing a mental block towards an individual is the most stupid and dumb thing to ever commit. Not only it will develop a wrong impression but in the same time the effect bounces back to you as well. It will make you to live in fear as it is somehow like a time bomb. You will never know when the effect will come back and what makes it more scary is the effect came in silence. Example, even a slightest sentences that make or bring no harm to others will have effect on you, just because you have committed something that you your self will feel sorry.

Browsing through the articles online, watching HK TVB Drama to kill time make me to pick up some fact and way of life. Not to follow entirely but most my blogging thoughts these days are my recollection of events that occur during my free time sitting in front of the computer screen which connects me to the world out there.


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