What are we thinking ?

“Its just that why must always think that this person will never be able to do that…and the worst thing is accusing the person for what the person never involved in at all”..

Reading the above quote which is taken from another blog make me think that the world is actually a very complicated place to be in. We are not in the 70s or even 80s, where the morale can still be a good patching point and turning a bad one to become better. Nowadays, human are being blinded by surface aesthetic as what is inside will never be bothered to be discovered.

Spice are added to a conversation to make it more interesting and also in the same time, the fact that is being delivered in the conversation can be further strengthened. This will make the one who is listening to be more careful and aware to rebut the statement. Lawyers and loudspeaker are good in dealing with this conversation methology. Reason is simple, their mouth are fed by these. Or in a more simple language, they are making a living out of these.

Well, i will not opt to get involve in anyone of these. Coming back home will make me happier just to stay in my room and involve myself in some personal yet beneficial activities. I learn quite alot human facts lately and we human can be clean and dirty in the same time. We can think what we want and in the same time we can’t stop others from thinking what they think bout us. Looking at the bright side, you should really be thankful to those who intend, and always thinking of you as this show that in their heart, they have you, though it is just a small part but yet, this will make you feel unique.


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