Anonymous… Who are you…

A year back, ehemm.. wanna talk some history, Themodynamic is killing me softly. Bit by bit. A went to some other people blog and commented by rephrasing my gentleman yet charming name with another name which does not sounds so great. And guess what, I got bashed and being pin pointed by the author of the blog and the author is really capable. Well i have to thank to him/her as this make me realize the importance of knowing who came or pass by ur page. Security wise i guess.

I guess at least i am better in a way as i put a name to represent myself. Commenting anonymously is not only not ethical but also restrict your boundary of speech rights. There is nothing wrong as introducing yourself, perhaps it turn out that me and you can be good friend. In the event you gave me a constructive comment as below, I regret that i would not be able to appreciate the person. ………….No name wat…..

But the computing technology with my PC capability has be able to trace the origin of the message. Don ask me how as this is P&C between me and my PC. hahaha.. But as long as there is a will to learn, there will be a way out for all the things. Catching up with the technology is not a time wasting activity. Else does the TM net Streamyx that gave us sucked service will be worth paying for? Must utilize kau kau ma………… My page is currently ranked at 3 by Google. Well, there isn’t anything great. Allow me to get to know you better in the event you commented in this blog. There aren’t anything wrong to say something which can make the entire system to improve. To the Anonymous commenter above, million, billion and trillion of thanks and pls, don make things hard for me.

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