I am not very happy over some people who misinterpreted by some of my writing. Well I have nothing against anyone and there are not even a need for me to blog and defame the particular person.

The recent entry ” Boring Saturday Night ” was some of my recollection on what happen in the week. To rectify further in details, A friend who is running for a presidential post in one of the local university who happen to have a crazy female counterpart called me up and express his frustration, over the ill treating and arguments and you know, whistle blowing session and this affected him alot.

In fact i thought of sharing it in another nicer way as i already violated the term and condition given by him not to tell anyone but since he doesn’t know the existing of this blog well i think putting it in a nicer tone may allow me to have some memories on what had happened. Metaphor… you know what it means.

If blogging restrict my boundary to write, what is the purpose of living then. No freedom and as long as the freedom is between my controlled boundaries. I am very upset as the day before i wrote this, i had just make peace with a fren which is not to be named and to preserve the nature of making peace


2 Responses to “MIsinterpretation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    very capable indeed of defaming people? how ‘threatening’..
    blog entries can be used as a material held against u in court..

  2. Chin Y.Y. Says:


    Thanks for dropping by. Well this is a very subjective title to debate on. It depends on the intellectual ability of an individual to interprete the message send in this blog.. Will keep my finger crossed..

    As in, case in the court, I don think there will be a case as in I do not remember or intentionally offended any one and the rectification is being done in a polite way.

    thanks for your constructive comment and take care. drop in more often and have a nice day.

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