Nathaniel Tan Arrested

Taken From Malaysia Today

Wrttien By Tian Chua, Keadilan..

Nathaniel is a 27 year old graduate from Harvard University. We began to know each other last year and became good friend. Early this year, I recruited him to work under keADILan’s Information Bureau.

Last month, He was appointed as the Executive Secretary for the Foundation for the Future (FFF) chaired by Anwar Ibrahim.

This afternoon, 3 officers who claimed to be police officers from Bukit Aman visited the office of Yayasan Aman in Philio-Damansara Petaling Jaya. At that time, only Nathaniel and Eng Kiat were in the office.

The police officers told Nat that they “want to discuss about internet”. No further details given, and the police officers did not even identify themselves. Nat was asked to follow them back to the police station, and to bring his computer notebook along.

Eng Kiat, a part-time journalist for online Suara Keadilan called me as soon as Nat was taken away.

I immediately alerted various leaders of keADILan. Lateefah phoned Nat immediately and found out that he was still in the basement car park. She advised him to wait for the lawyers in the car park. William Leong, another lawyer who office is in Philio, rushed down to the basement but found that they had gone.

Since then, all attempts to contact Nat on his handphone have failed. Until now, his whereabout is still unknown to us. When contacted by our lawyers, officer of Police HQ at Bukit Aman denied Nat has been detained.

We are not certain about the motive of arresting Nat. No doubt the authorities are trying to extract information from him through intimidation.

We must how our strongest condemnation against such state repression!


One Response to “Nathaniel Tan Arrested”

  1. Johnny Ong Says:

    am glad that young people like u has taken an interest in this area. keep up yr blogging.

    we are not against the govt but just wanted a better nation. will add yr blog in mine too.

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