Boring Saturday Night

It is a boring saturday night for me. Sitting in the room and having nothing to do seems to be making me feel restless. Nowadays i do really prefer the uni life atmosphere means from monday to friday. At least life is more content, and complete, in the sense I do not need a companion to complete my life and to make my life great nowadays. But of course having a companion will make me feel greatly appreciated. In another word, having a bf or a gf does not complete and make life great always. This is the life reality.

This week has been a hectic week. Wednesday with the Industrial Training presentation which i got blasted’ with 6 questions from the floor. Thursday, Materials Analysis Technique 1 Mid term and Today, Materials Management Mid term. Finally i can breath a little as tomorrow will be a day to catch up and finish assignments as well as lab report and Thermodynamics will be the next in line.

Within the week as well, i can feel there are many disadvantages when adam and eve were in the dispute picture. Even though Eve is the one who are suppose to be blame yet the blame went to Adam. Sound funny but this is the reality. Eve’s mood swing is the one that kills tender cells in Adam’s heart each month. Well, control a bit ler. These people can make life to be jeopardize as well while they will walk away as an angel as suppose they are the one who has been affected greatly and traumatized by the event. Well, this kinda people can go Oscar and get the trophy already. Question is, IS IT NECESSARY OR NOT.

Before making another statement, i would not say that i had a first class attitude. What goes out will come around / come back to you. Well i myself can see how other responding to me if i ill treated them before. I though had experience it before. So the same thing here, ask yourself what have you done to the other party that make you to be so affected. Why must we be affected since we does not do anything that forbids the nature’s law. Being scare of the situation or event will mark a GUILTY sign on our forehead. There is also no such need to make your enemy or foe image to be tarnished. Pointing at other people will eventually make you to tell the listener that your are 3 times worst than you topic subject. Id you don;t believe, try pointing at others and see how many finger are pointed back at yourself.

Well you can consider this to be good or bad to me. I don have the ability to be angry at people too long. Well that’s good for me as i have a burden fell off now. The week of 5 days had told me some of the untold story which are being kept from me for months. It is just unbelievable that things, dispute that occurs nowadays that are linked to gossips and blind accusation and misinterpretations of the entire condition are being engineered by parties responsible. The architect of all these, not to mention had taken all the advantage to increase the situation rating for personal benefits. Making me more upset is some of the stories has been twisted and person involved had been treated almost similarly as a scapegoat in a nation’s political sacrifice.

Who are those people to make judgment on these issues. Are they happy to walk naked to the campus revealing whatever things they have below their piece of cloth? Tak Malu ke.. Please la. Some private discussion shall be kept private and these are ethics. I will just shock my head when i hears this. It is very disappointing and the other party involved is just shutting their mouth. You should fight back ok….


These are really bullshits ok…. Mind ur own business. There are more business to be done in the toilet itself that circulation irritating speculations. Who are with you and what you gain in the end…



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