Presentation Day.

Industrial Traning presentation is what i actually fear of as I wasn’t prepared moreover the training has been over for almost 3 months and now only they say want to make us present. To recollect the work done there is very difficult, i mean to recall in details. You can ‘goreng’ anything you want as long as you don get caught with your pants down with ur underwear or boxes exposed. This will be really make you embarrassed as if you being scolded infront of many people, when the person refused to talk nicely and in a nicer toner… Believe me there is some people like this.

So the presentation went on the sequence as follows:

  1. Shalini ( Schott Glass)
  2. Balpanathan ( SMT Tech)
  3. Dick Jebamany ( Solectron)
  4. Suren ( C.E. Tech )
  5. Chin YY ( Winchem (M) Sdn Bhd)
  6. Joshua Raj ( Winchem (M) Sdn Bhd)
  7. Saiful ( AMREC Sirim)
  8. Mohd Hafiz ( TPC Penang)
Just before the presentation begins, me and few of my classmate were having some “guys talk”. Well this is a general term whereby it comprises topic that does not concern topic that girls normally talk about. Well you don expect guys with guts to talk how and where to shop, talk how do shopping, who and which guys is more gorgeous and handsome, well that is what abnormal guys talk about. Well i am not trying to create some strain environment here but a normal straight guy will talk what a normal straight guy topics man.. Well talking some nonsense is another way to release stress as you don need to think too much when you are crapping and most importantly, if the conversation is between and among the one involved, as an adult, parental advisory is no longer be applicable as long as the conversation is very much accepted by the one involved in the conversation. Listener are always welcomed to join in of course.

Well living with people expectation is very tough. Ppl mouth can say anything that they want. When they does not see you, its green light for them to vomit all the bullet of disadvantages over you and when they are in front of you, they pretend as nothing happens. Even an angel can be fooled but definitely we cant fool god. The world is made complicated by the people itself and i myself prefer to be the person i used to be as long as i do not go over board. This is a very subjective measure as it depends on who are we dealing with. Not wish to elaborate further..

But in the end the crap talk really helps to make me less tense. Topic.. ranges from the bottom to the top. Many many stuffs..


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