Presentation Stuffs

Before i start, if i were given a chance, i would want to whack, shout and curse to the max as i have been undergoing some unnecessary mental and emotional abuse lately. Feel tired and keeping myself in my room does not seems to stop other people thinking of me. Who knows that i really does leave a mark in them.

Well leave that alone as it’s just another past event. What happen today will not repeat again in the next moment. Things are changing rapidly and without me realizing, it is already so long.

Coming back to reality…

It’ barely 24 from now i will have to present my Industrial Training to my lecturer and hopefully it will make them give me good marks. This is a 6 Credit paper and it can make wonders and give me some breakthrough in my grades.

Below are some of the content which i am going to show to the lecturers as well as the members of the floor. This are some cheap graphical aid showing where is the place where i undergo my training for the past 10 weeks starting from February 3rd to April 15th, 2007. And of course i try hard to impress them and hopefully they impresses me with their grades as well.

But using Google Earth is not something too great, at least there are something done when i am at the point where my brain is juiced up. Tiring and hectic week.

Blogging nowadays is taking my mind off many unhappy things and make me think only the happy events. For example things that happen on last weekend. The Saturday 070707.. Making me to write this in the same time make me recall that a friend which i had known for long tells me that she used to write all her thoughts in notepad if she wants to express something. She even shows me once and that was way back long. I used to think that it is bullshit as there is nothing to be written on the piece of notes.

But when u are all alone or you can’t seems to find a channel vent out ur frustration, writing out seems the best way to cure it. It helps in the same time make the shoulder to become lighter. I don blame myself to make myself end up in the middle of the midst of misunderstanding. It not only make me stronger but also give me space to think the worth of all these.

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